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Mayan Palace has ruined my life. I believed in their false promises in return I’m stuck with this useless membership which has cost me thousands of dollars. Mayan Palace timeshare is a SCAM! I visited Mexico. We stayed at a hotel, we went to Playa Del Carmen. In one of the shops a guy approached me and my child and asked if we could help him out by going to a 45 minute presentation at Mayan Palace. I was pressured and tricked into signing a... Read more

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In a nutshell everything we were told were lies: The promise was that since they were taking our timeshare off our hands we would never have to worry about maintenance fees again because they don't charge any fees. After returning home from our trip and reading all the small print I realized there were fees, also this was a 10 year contract not a lifetime as promised. My biggest concern is the transfer of our timeshare. TRM called and spoke... Read more

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During our trip to the Mayan Riviera. My husband and Iwere asked to attend a breakfast the next morning. We were pressured and tricked into signing a contract for 30 years membership with Mayan Palace. When we came back to USA we wanted to find a way to get out of the contract, but it was almost impossible.We were paying for a 5 years and we never used it. We have spent $10k dollars on various scams over the years with promising to sell it for... Read more

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I paid $26K for one of these 8 years ago. It was good for the 1st 3 times we went. All of a sudden they could not provide me a 2 bedroom any longer for multiple dates I offered. They tried to get me to take the studio instead. I asked them what the *** I had given them 26K for plus $900/ year. Never did get the thing straight. Biggest rip-off I've ever gotten conned into and I'm no dummy. Problem is they lie right to your face. Difficult to... Read more

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I purchased from this company while in Mex. several years ago. I made a down payment of 12,000 and set up payments for the remainder. I was under pain management medications and given a several drinks by the resort and they were aware that I was on drugs when they got me to sign the contract. After numerous phone calls and trying to work something out. For example, I tried to exchange my time share property that sleeps six for a unit for 2 and... Read more

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I made reservations / trades for 3 rooms at the Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta and when I arrived the clerk would only talk to my husband - and told him I only had 2 rooms. Although we had confirmations for 3, we took the 2 after an hour of fighting at 9pm. The rooms were not even glorified Motel 6 rooms. 2 full size beds. A bathroom. No coffee pot. 2 chairs on a balcony that looks over nothing but foliage. And then there was the food... Read more

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This is simply, a huge scam. Don't spend your hard earned money on a timeshare ( private membership ) that you can never use...."...................................... They feed you alcohol, and even follow you to your car until you accept. They started out offering this great deal at $34,900. Chased me to my car and then came down to $2,000! Every time you try to make a reservation there is nothing available!! What a great deal.....Don't, I... Read more

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No matter what is offered to you, DO NOT go to a timeshare presentation at the Mayan Resorts or Vidanta!!! Recently, for the first time since we purchased this, we actually attempted to use this vacation program. We were appalled to see that what we had was nothing like what we were offered at the high pressure sales presentation we attended in Riviera Maya, Mexico in October 2015. We have owned a vacation program for 16 years with another... Read more

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For anyone interested, I too was scammed by Mayan and promised they would buy our 3 timeshares. My sister put $5424.00 deposit with Amex. Upon closer look at the contract I realized we had no real proof that this transfer was legit, so we put a stop on the amex deposit. At first Amex re-credited my sister for the amount, then Vida sent them a letter in SPANISH and AE recanted and recharged her card. I have been fighting with AE for the last... Read more

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While on vacation in Mexico I was talked into buying a timeshare by a very persuasive salesman. My husband and I were harangued for 2 hours and finally we agreed to buy the timeshare. The salesman made many fraudulent promises and he did not tell me that the timeshare was for one week one year and two weeks the next year. When I discovered that he had lied I attempted to cancel the contract within the 5 day grace period but he told me that it... Read more

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