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Unfortunately we got talked into buying a timeshare with Mayan Palace. If you find yourself in the same situation, just say NO. We were overwhelmed with info at the presentation, then when when we got one and start asking questions and looking at what we actually signed, it wasn't what they committed to at the presentation. We were told, that it doesn't matter what was said at the presentation, it's what we signed. Which I understand, but I'm upset. Ther is actually a clause that says 'what was said is in the presentation isn't binding'.

We decided to give them a chance and went to book our first week. I have never had such a negative experience in my life. We have another time share which we love, but Vida is a different story. They sent us a promotional newsletter with an offer. During my discussion with the reservation, the rep actually said to me' to read the fine print at end of brochure which states they can rescind any offer at any time' and he was rescinding any offers in the brochure to me.

When we got to the resort, we took opportunity to speak with Vida rep and let them know about our negative experience. One manager actually walked away from us, but the rep listed and said he would follow up, which he never did once we left resort. Even while we were expressing our disgust with their service and our dissatisfaction, they were trying to sell us an upgrade.

I have to say the resort staff is phenomenal at customer service, and I would suggest Vida Vacations took some lessons from them.

Even being an 'Owner' they still initially stuck us in building #11 in the Riveriera. We asked to move and they did the second day.

RECOMMENDATION: STAY FAR AWAY FROM VIDA VACATIONS. It's a big rip off and not worth the aggravation.

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I held a job with the company and can tell you it is the most unethical company filled with liars, and crooks. They make you pay for everything, don't pay on time, and they lie during the recruitment process.

The only way you get tours if you *** the managers or pay bribes. Learn from my mistake on working for the most unethical company ever.

How the screw their members is beyond belief. Nothing they say works at all.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #584409

The best way to deal with these kinds of people is to pay the least amount of money for the most possible return. Just ask for "used" contracts, which have to be sold for all the fixins, and then get them to throw in more.

With some good negotiating, you can get a great Timeshare package for under 5000$, which many people pay well over 50,000$ for....craayyyzeee. Its better for them to have you come back again and again, and sell much cheaper than to not sell you at all :)

Happy hunting.

Nad in case some of you arent aware...when being invited to these "presentations" if you are a couple you can make big bucks...just negotiate a large cash gift to go... (up to 1000$ depending on the place)


These guys called me at home to "invite" me to Mexico. I informed the caller that she was in violation of the "Do Not Call" law, and she let out an audible gasp when I told her that fines are $11,000 per violation.

When she professed further ignorance, I told her it was not my problem and to put me on their "do not contact" list.

Yes, I did go to to report them as well.

Since they are so willing to violate U.S. Federal law, I am certainly not going to do business with them!

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